Food Diary #2 Yhingthai Palace. Purvis Street, Bugis, Singapore

IMAG0275Dessert! Image Credit: Me

Location: 36 Purvis Street, Singapore 188613

Opening Hours: Daily 11:30-14:00, 18:00-22:00 (Source)  


Restaurant with air-con. Tables well spaced out so you won’t feel too cramped. Easily accessible by walking from Bugis MRT. Took me around 10 minutes. Lots of parking in the area, no worries. Order list:

Mango Salad for starters(pic here): Green mango salad, really refreshing salad to start off that really gets your appetite going from the soury taste. The small bits of prawn/shrimp make the dish really tasty.

Lamb Curry: A little bit spicy but excellent thick viscous curry.

Some biscuit dish with a side dip(picture here);  Sorry I was not the one doing the ordering that night so I have no idea what this dish is called BUT the taste is incredible. The meaty sauce goes well with the crunchy biscuit.

Fried Rice: Decent, nothing special. Ordered fried rice instead of white rice to go with the dishes.

Kangkong: Not your typical sambal kangkong. The dish is fried with their home-made chilli which is not too spicy and has lots of prawns in it. Nice taste!

Tapioca for Dessert: Big chunky pieces of tapioca. Really chewy and went well with their coconut cream/sauce.

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