Food Diary #3 Hakata Ikkousha Ramen. CHIJMES, Singapore.

Sorry no picture. Food was too important.

Location: CHIJMES, Singapore.  Restaurant is located along the Japanese Food Street, near Toast Box and behind Lei Garden chinese restaurant.

Opening Hours: 


True to their restaurant theme, the restaurant seating space is pretty limited so get ready to queue. But trust me, the queue is really worth it. I once waited an hour at their melbourne branch  for dinner because the food is just that good. Before I review what I ordered, here’s a mini guide on how you can enjoy your ramen to the fullest. You will find on the table a couple of sauces/additives that you can use to adjust the flavor of your ramen to your liking:

Sesame Seeds: Open the cap and turn the screw around. Really Cute.

Pepper: Pepper. Nothing much to say lol.

Sea Salt: According to the staff, it adds a great flavour to the ramen.

Ramen Sauce/The really salty one: Add with caution, I reccommend half a spoon to start off with. Really good stuff.

Ginger: Your japanese picked ginger that is red in color.

Spiced Kimchi: Really spicy!! Add a little first and see how the taste goes first.

Garlic:  The MUST ADD for your ramen!!


What I ordered:

Ajitama Tonkotsu: Tastes exactly the same as the tonkotsu I had in melbourne. To quote my friend who grew up in Tokyo, “The taste is really authentic”. What can I say, probably the best ramen I have ever had.

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